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There are many ways to properly take care of your beard and then there are wrong ways to take care of your beard. We will try to list a few key techniques that will help grow your beard like a boss. I know with our products you will be able to grow and maintain an awesome beard without a doubt. Always remember, if you’re going to grow a beard, then you’ll want to keep those whiskers as soft as possible. (Your significant other will appreciate it, too.)


To keep it healthy looking, condition it daily with a beard oil, which adds nutrients and will keep it soft feeling. Remember to always lightly brush your beard, this will help finely groom your beard and strengthen it overtime. Lastly, depending on the length or texture of your beard, find a beard balm that will condition your beard to help keep it inline. A large issue that almost every bearded brother experiences is itchiness. The cure? A beard oil or balm that uses calming ingredients like bergamot, cedarwood & pachouli. Having skin nourishing ingredients like Agran, Jojoba. Vitamin E, & Grapeseed oil will also assist in prevention.

Beard oil/balm benefits:

  • It will keep it healthy, moisturized, and after using for an extended period of time it will significantly make it softer. (Your skin beneath will never be healthier and enriched by the oils, which is often difficult to keep moisturized as your beard besomes more and more impenetrable.)

  • It will keep your beard smelling intoxicating, not only for you but for those around you.

  • Best of all, it will keep it looking great, well put together, and under control, which is what every beardsman aims for. You want to look awesome, right? Well, beard oil and balm tame your mane by preventing that scragginess and un-shapeliness look that nobody wants. You grow it and let us take care of the rest!